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Writer's Block: Get up

If you had to eat the same breakfast everyday for a year (and it would be prepared and served to you), what would you choose?

Mmm....I know it's not very healthy but I would have.

Belgian waffle with strawberries, a 2 egg veggie omelet with swiss cheese and country sausage.

Today at work, my favorite album as a small child popped into my mind.  This album is called The Point by Harry Nilsson.  It is a lovely story of a little boy named Oblio.  He lives in the Land of Point.  Everyone and everything in the Land of Point has a point on it.  The trees, the buildings, the tops of peoples' heads, the tops of animals' heads.  Rocks, insects, everything. You can imagine that Oblio felt a little lonely, being the only person in the Land of Point without a point on the top of his head.  His mother knitted him a pointed cap so he wouldn't feel out of place, but didn't really help, since everyone knew he really was round-headed.

The national pastime of the Land of Point is a game called Triangle Toss.  Well, you have to throw a triangle as far as you can, run as fast as you can, and catch it on the point of your head.  Oblio didn't have a point, but his dog Arrow does, so he trains Arrow so that he can carry Arrow while playing Triangle Toss, and catch the triangle on Arrow's head.  Most of the kids don't have a problem with this, but one does, and he's the son of the evil Count.  And so begin Oblio's and Arrow's adventures.

YouTube has a nice recording of the chapter with the Rock Man, which is my all-time favorite part, and I really like the song "Think about your troubles".  Sorry to say, the embedded link doesn't work so here's the URL:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRul4JoHepY

I won't spoil the ending for you, in case you want to hear it for yourself, but I really recommend it. All the songs are good, even though some of them don't always seem to go exactly with the narrated parts.  The story is gentle, and read in a soft voice by Mr. Nilsson, sound of turning pages and all.

I'm actually not familiar with any of his other works, but The Point is terrific.  We even had it on 8-track when I was little.

Now, you might be wondering what Oblio's pointed cap might look like.  Well, lucky you!  I accidentally made a pointed cap, and it  looks like this:

pointed cap

It's not enough to fool anyone, but I bet if you used a little starch you could get it to stand up better :)

Now, who wants a pointed cap?

ID Theft

Word to the wise, do not ever, EVER trust that a former partner, SO, spouse or roommate will:
a. keep his/her word to not leave any personal information behind when he/she leaves a home 3 years after you and
b. file a police report as promised when he/she breaks his/her word on a.

4 years later and I'm dealing with multiple creditors because someone took all my personal information from said home and opened accounts with Dish Network and T-Mobile and bought hundreds of dollars in PIZZA (FTLOG) using outdated banking information.

Of course the creditors are trying to pass off copies of bills as "proof" that it was I, the former R.C., who though not using that name or ever being at the billing address on the bills, is the one who opened those accounts, and that if I agree to pay 50% of the fraudulent charges, they will be "more than happy" to settle this for me.

So, former person living at the same address as me, my REAL cell phone number never changed. IF YOU DID NOT HAVE THE MEANS TO GET RID OF THOSE PAPERS, INSTEAD OF BOXING THEM UP AND MORE OR LESS WRITING, "STEAL ME" ON THEM, YOU SHOULD HAVE CALLED ME!

Now I get to look forward to more time trying to sort this out and probably legal fees, most likely in excess of the amounts of the bills that I'm refusing to pay.  Thankyousomuch.

May. 18th, 2009

OK, well my screen wouldn't show the asian languages, so I guess I can guess what 3 I got wrong :)

Your result for Guess The Language Test...

The Language Master

21 of 24 Knowledge!

You scored 21 Knowledge. You did Awesome! I hope you had fun, that is all that really matters. The best result you got is a little bit of exposure to some of the many languages of the world. If you liked this send me feedback and maybe I will make another one. If you vote that is appreciated also.

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Robert Frost speculated about the world ending in fire or in ice. Which do you think is likely to end us all: meteorite, global warming, nuclear weapons, zombies, or the superflu?
Hmm, cheerful writer's block topic for the day.  I'd have to say, all of the above,

A meteor strike is mistakenly identified as a nuclear missle from "the enemy" prompting a limited nuclear exchange, after which we all agree it had been a huge mistake and those not killed by the meteor and bombs should work together to rebuild.  I guess we could say that caused some global warming.

But then the meteor strike and nuclear war will cause a haze of particles to block out the sun, ushering in an age of ice and darkness.  As the remaining suvivors begin to starve their immune systems are weakened, making them vulnerable to a superflu which turns the survivors into zombies, who promptly eat the brains of the surviving humans..

Writer's Block: Dream Job

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
Some of you already know this about me, but my dream job has always been to write for the Weekly World News.  I can't imagine anything more fun than making up really fun articles all day long, and was very sad to hear that WWN isn't printed anymore, and really the market is crowded with people doing snarky blogs about everything, so I think I need to find a new dream. :)

Writer's Block: Listening In

What is the strangest advice you've ever received from a fortune cookie?
The best conversation I overheard was while I was seeing the Bodies exhibit with my nephew.  There was a German man with his son, who was about 6 years old, and he was very patiently explaining all the exhibits to his son.  I ended up following him for a bit because he explained everything so gently, yet matter-of-factly, explaining everything in language his son could understand.  This is why I could understand the conversation, my German is not as good as it used to be but I can still understand it.  I learned some new words too.

Writer's Block: Cookies

What is the strangest advice you've ever received from a fortune cookie?
I don't ever get advice from fortune cookies, I get statements, like "there are many people who care about you".  Sometimes I get predictions "Travel is in your future".  But never advice.

Tango Finlandia!

When I was a teenager, after my husband and I had started writing to each other, my family and I watched this on 60 Minutes and it is NOTHING like Finnish people I know.  All the same it's a family favorite, and one I've been looking for for years.  I found it by accident while I was trying to find a commercial from Finland that encourages people not to save.  Never found it, though.

It has just enough truth to it to be hysterical though.

I've never posted a YouTube video before, so let's see if it works.

YES!  Second try was the charm.  I need "remedial LiveJournal" classes.


Yay!  I got the letter Saturday!  The USCIS has approved my petition for a foreign spouse, and sometime within the next 9 months my husband will be coming to live with me in the US.  I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it.

Now Juha just has to apply for his immigrant visa - his packet will arrive in his mailbox within the next 90 days.

We have never lived together, yet, we've been a couple for 5 years.  I'm really looking forward to continuing our lives together.  Until he finds work, finances will be tight, but I've been broke before.  We have been saving money against this day for some time, and have plans for our future together.

Today, I'm feeling extremely optimistic about everything.